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Box Progress

Posted on: June 24, 2011

Michael is working away on the 3x5x8 boxes.  They’re all glued, and he’s starting the process of sanding them.  I wanted to show you a little something about how the work progresses.  First, of course, Michael starts with a piece of wood.  He runs it through the planer to make it the right thickness, uses the table saw to cut the right size pieces, then uses a special jig and the dado blade to cut the finger joints.  Here’s a picture of  2 sides of a box joined together by finger joints on one side, and with finger joints showing on the other side.

Next Michael fits all four sides together, adds the bottom, and tapes the areas of the box close to where he’ll put glue.   The tape is used to prevent glue, which might ooze out from the glued joints, from sticking to the wood.  This picture is actually a mock-up, if it were real the tape would be seen on the inside of the box.

When the glue is set, Michael takes the clamps off and removes the tape.   This box is in the process of having the tape removed:

This next box has all the tape removed but hasn’t yet been sanded.  In other words, it’s glued but not yet sanded.  I took two pictures of it, one of the box as a whole, and one of the inside bottom of the box, which I find spectacular:

The sanded box, below, can be differentiated from the glued but not sanded boxes by the lack of prominence of the ends of the fingers.  In the glued but not sanded boxes, the ends of the fingers literally stand out.  You can see this by looking down the outside corners of the the box in the second picture.  But in the following box the protruding ends of fingers have been planed and sanded flat.

Next, Michael will put two coats of a light oil finish on the box and it will be ready to go!


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